Steven Rindner Helps Find What Makes Gravel Bike One of a Kind


In recent times the popularity of gravel bikes has gone mainstream. In fact, the species have come up as the go-to choice for millions of cycles. However, those who still believe that it is nothing but a publicity stunt need to rethink, and most possibly after going through this article, they can comprehend the reasons why investing in gravel bikes makes sense. As per Steven Rindner, there are three reasons one should get a gravel bike right away.

What is a gravel bike?

Those who don’t have any idea of what a gravel bike is, or why it witnesses a steep rise in demand, simply need to understand the fundamentals of this unique species. Unified with special features gravel bikes cater for a class of mountain bikes, road bikes, and cyclocross bikes. Considerably steadier than any road bike and faster than a mountain bike especially on gravel or paved trails, a cyclist can use ravel bikes on different topographic apart from off-road surfaces.

While most cyclists opt for off-road paths of the countryside to avoid the traffic of the main road, equipped with drop handlebars and a slight slacker and longer framework, gravel bikes are engineered to offer a more relaxing riding experience. It comes with numerous mounting options for water bottles, luggage, GPS, etc. The following are the primary reasons why people should go for a gravel bike.


According to Steven Rindner, the foremost selling point of investing in a gravel bike is its great versatility. Gravel bikes are designed to allow cyclists to ride relaxingly on tarmac roads to explore off-road tracks. Because of their wider, thicker, and textured tire, one can alter between tarmac, off-road, gravel, single-track and rocky trails frequently to reach the destination timely. Precisely, for those who are searching for a bike to commute to their workplace located downtown or enjoy the natural beauty of the countryside, a gravel bike is a matchless choice for them.

Tyre changing options

Possibly one of the appealing attributes of gravel bikes is they can accommodate different types of tires from thinner to wider. For example, those who prefer the main road, opting for slick 700 tires will get a faster pace.  Again, as they like to hit on countryside patchy trails, simply by replacing the tire with an extra traction providing 650s they can ride different terrine affordably and in a space-saving way. This means, that instead of buying a range of cycles to ride different types of tracks, individuals with tight budgets and space can spend money for a range of types and go riding on any type of landscape without any hassle.

Higher forgiving geometry

Although designed with drop handlebars, the species comes with greater forgiving geometry. Therefore, riders won’t be required to lean forward with shoulders raised and thereby can have a comfy straight cycling posture. Furthermore, since the wheelbases of gravel bikes are likely to be longer and head tubes are formed slacker than road bikes, a cyclist can enjoy stability while handling the bicycle.

Several gear options

Similar to the tire options, cyclists can change or upgrade the gear of the cycle depending on the type of terrain they go for. For instance, when riding up steep hilly landscapes, an option of having a single chingring at the frontal part and a range of gears at the rear would be ideal as the setting is less likely to rebound while navigating rocky trails. Conversely, when tarmac or general routes are the surface, choosing a conventional double chainring forward and mini compact gears on the rear can get a smooth riding experience.

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