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Keep the Food Fresh Upto 6 Hours with Insulated Lunch Box


Stainless steel is considered as one of the low maintenance, affordable and even elegant material. It works on gaining the recognition, especially in the Indian kitchen. With the high demand recently about ecological sustainability and awareness, selecting the stainless steel food containers, including lunch boxes is surely a good choice. However, you should always opt for the quality products that are friendly for the food items.

Always choose a top grade stainless steel food container

No doubt, you are expected to use the stainless steel storage pieces for meals. It is better to go for something that is prepared from food grade stainless steel. We should avoid the plastic lunch boxes since they possess the dangerous toxins. They can badly affect the health when come in direct contact.

Perfect for Gifting

Is it a birthday of your friend or even marriage anniversary? No matter, what is the event in life; Insulated Lunch Box would be the right option to gift. The good quality of the product will surely make the receiver happy. He or she wills definitely appreciate your choice.  You can gift it in a wedding, office birthday, home inauguration, shop opening or retirement.

Think about your food storage requirements

Choose the bigger stainless steel food tins for storing fridge leftovers. The size is perfect for school boxes, office, and even during those unseen road trips. Luckily, stainless steel hot pack lunch boxes are earth-friendly food containers and perfect to store any kind of food items.

No Leakage –Perfectly Sealed

Stainless Steel Insulated Lunch Box is completely leak-proof tiffin lunch stainless steel storage for moveable meals. It comprises stews, soups, and sauces. For food items with more than single food items, select something that gives two to four levels to keep your meals handily divided, which includes the stainless steel latch tiffins. These products are offered in different sizes, highly watertight and durable.

Carrying anywhere is easy and comfortable

Select anInsulated lunch box for office that fits your demands when transporting and going to office. The double wall insulated lunch box that maintains the food fresh and warm. If you have induction at your office, you can reheat the food without any difficulty.

Understanding the cleaning instructions

No doubt, every utensil demands a proper care if required to work for long time. Some of the stainless steel containers are supposed to be safer for dish washing, while need hand washing. Though, the spill-proof food containers have rubber or silicone seals that may not be safer for dishwasher. However, one from best vacuum insulated lunch box manufacturers, Mumma’s Life stainless steel lunch bowls can be washed by hand and even perfect for dish wash cleaner.

Go for something tough yet stylish.

Since, you will be calling around the tiffin box at school, camping, work, and picnics, select a stainless steel food storage that is made to last for a long time. The products that are made in India are supposed to have heavy-duty, as compared to import one.

No doubt, durability is important; style is also preferred by the buyers. Therefore, you should look for something that is having special glossy exterior and cool colors and designs to healthy your fashion sense. So, if you are looking for environment friendly products, you should look for it.

Make a beginning on the kitchen and quit on those non-biodegradable plastic bags and containers that are quite unsafe to the environment. Moreover, you should go for the eco friendly and eco-friendly, stainless steel food containers. Just look into the important guidelines to discover the tiffin box ideal for your food storage needs and preferences.

Key Features of Stainless Steel Insulated Lunch Box

  • Two stainless steel containers with Double wall insulated. The product is perfect for carrying roti, dal and other favorite vegetable.
  • Available with 2 and 3 boxes to keeps food warm and fresh upto 6 hours.
  • Top quality stainless steel spill proof containers
  • Stainless steel lid plate on the containers for serving salads, pickles, and accompaniments
  • Offered with aesthetically designed, simple to carry washable bag
  • It allows carrying (280ml).

Shop online for the best products

If you are looking for good quality corporate gifts for Diwali lunch boxes, you can look for them online. There manufacturing companies like Mumma’s life are show casing their products on their websites. It is quite easy to find the information about the product without any difficulty. All the details such as material, size and price are available on the page. Moreover, it is easy to place your order. Simply add to product into cart and place order. As far as mode of payment is concerned, you can make the payment online as well as look for cash on delivery. So making the payment won’t be difficult for you. Stainless steel hot pack lunch box will surely answer your needs.

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