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Alabama Men’s Clinic Speaks on How Low T Can Affect a Man’s Physical Life and How It Can Be Treated


Also termed as ‘Low T’, low testosterone, refers to a condition experienced by men as they become older. As a natural occurrence the level of testosterone decline with aging. As per studies by the Urology Care Foundation, over 30% of men over their 60s have low T levels. Testosterone is the most vital sex hormone of men, which is produced by the testicles. Noteworthy, apart from mid-aged and elderly men with low, many young men struggle with low testosterone due to infections or injury of testicles and visit facilities like Alabama Men’s Clinic for necessary diagnosis and treatment. The good news is that low testosterone can be treated with advanced medical procedure TRT. To know more on this subject, continue reading

What Is the Importance of Testosterone In Men’s Life?

During the growing stage of a male fetus in the mother’s womb, testosterone is the male hormone that starts activating to form the internal and external sex organs. In their puberty, testosterone plays a vital role in developing male characteristics making boys turn into men. It is responsible to grow facial as well as body hair, building muscle mass, and deepening the voice. In later life, the hormone also plays a significant role in their effective sexual functioning.

Why Does The Level Of Testosterone Decline?

Like all other male and female hormones, the level of testosterone drops due to natural aging. Testosterone levels reach the apex point around age 18 to 20 and they start declining throughout adulthood. As per the AUA, for a healthy adult, the normal testosterone level should be a minimum of 300 nanograms per decilitre. A male with lower than that level is typically diagnosed with ‘low T’.

Since the hormone start dropping at 1% every year, depending on the age the normal T level will also vary. Different factors lead to Low T other than aging including testicle injuries, stress, alcohol abuse, and unhealthy lifestyle. Even young men become the victim of Low T due to disorders in the pituitary gland, drug addiction, injuries, or infection of the testicles apart from chemotherapy for treatment of cancer in the genital part.

How Does Low T Affect The Sex Life Of Men?

Low testosterone can toll the sexual life of a man making it upsetting or even causing breakage in the relationship. Men with low T can experience difficulty getting and retaining erections. Low testosterone levels can decrease sex drive or libido or even cause low testosterone count and male infertility.

Other Effects of Low Testosterone

Apart from affecting the sex drive and causing different sexual dysfunction, it can lead to various other issues or symptoms. This includes

  • Increase of weight
  • Less energy level
  • Reduced muscle mass
  • Depression
  • And their Health concerns

Diagnosis of low T

Those who experience any of the above symptoms like low libido, erection problems, etc. can consult with doctors at medical facilities like Alabama Men’s Clinic. The doctors there will conduct the necessary blood test to determine if there is any issue of low testosterone. Remember, these blood tests are done typically in the morning when testosterone level stays at the highest point.

Treatment of low T

The doctor may recommend testosterone replacement therapy, which is proven effective to improve testosterone levels, and the procedure is approved by the FDA. There are different forms of TRT including testosterone skin gels, intramuscular injections, patches, and pellets among others. Depending on the preference of the patient the TRT form is decided. While undergoing the treatment process, patients are examined through blood tests to ensure testosterone reaches the desired level. The procedure is non-invasive, relatively safe, and effective, however, maintaining a healthy lifestyle as guided by the physicians is also important to get the best outcome of it.

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