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The Difference Between a Mortgage Broker and Financial Advisor


When you’re trying to break into the property market, it’s important that you access the right financial advice. This can help you make strong, informed decisions.

By understanding the differences between a mortgage broker and a financial advisor, you can talk to the right people and get the support you need. You’ll be able to find advice and guidance that helps you navigate financial requirements and purchase the home of your dreams.

So what are the key differences between a mortgage broker and a financial advisor, and whose help do you need in your homebuying journey?

What is a mortgage broker?

A mortgage broker is someone whose job it is to liaise with lenders on your behalf as a borrower.

A skilled and experienced mortgage broker can help you find and secure the right loan package with the best features and interest rates. A mortgage broker works to understand your needs and goals and helps you find the loan you need to purchase a home.

Throughout your homebuying journey, your mortgage broker may help you assemble and send documents to lenders, as well as assessing your borrowing power, comparing potential loan options, and negotiating with lenders as required. A broker helps you buy with confidence.

What is a financial advisor?

A financial advisor’s role is to help you assess and manage your personal finances, including the ways in which they apply to purchasing property.

A good financial advisor can help you understand your financial needs and set goals, as well as teaching you how to budget, invest, and plan for the best financial outcomes. Your advisor helps you manage all elements of your financial situation more effectively.

Often, a financial advisor’s work goes beyond the support you need to buy a house. Your financial advisor can also help you manage cashflow and navigate tax requirements. They may help with budgeting, inheritance planning, retirement planning, ongoing investments, and more.

What are the key differences

Both mortgage brokers and financial advisors can help you take better control of your financial situation as it relates to purchasing property. However, the two roles are not the same.

A mortgage broker is trained to help you navigate the legal and financial requirements of buying a house. Your broker is an expert in real estate and knows how to help you get the best loan deals to support your home ownership goals.

On the other hand, a financial advisor knows how to help you with your financial situation more broadly. Your advisor won’t secure a loan for you or help you navigate paperwork requirements, but they will help you manage your own finances more effectively across the board.

Whose help do you need?

If you’re ready to purchase a new home, you need a mortgage broker who can help you navigate loan requirements. If you’re struggling to get your finances in order ahead of your purchase, a financial advisor might be able to help too.

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