cleaning your face properly

6 tips for cleaning your face properly


At first glance, cleaning your face is a very simple task. It’s true, we do it every day, it’s not rocket science! But there are tips to help your skin get the most out of your daily skincare routine.

Here, we reveal 6 golden rules for a radiantly clean face.

Every day, sebum, sweat and a significant amount of dirt and pollution from outside accumulate on your face. When it is not freed from these impurities, it can become subject to various imperfections, all as unpleasant as each other.

Cleansing your face well with a cleanser not only helps prevent these skin problems, but also helps stop the spread of common (but annoying!) viruses like the common cold, the flu or conjunctivitis.

A person touches their face an average of 23 times per hour, transferring germs from their hands close to the mucous membranes of their nose, eyes and mouth. This is how viruses are often transmitted

The 6 golden rules of facial cleansing

Luckily, ridding your facial skin of impurities doesn’t have to be a chore. All you have to do is incorporate these simple gestures into your skincare routine.

1. Use a healthy cleanser that suits your skin type

There are so many cleansers on the market that it can be overwhelming to shop for one. Our most precious advice: choose a treatment made with ingredients of natural origin that cleanses the face without attacking it.

The PHYTO-CLEANSE cleanser from the Oceanly™ care stick range combines kelp extract, peptides and glycerin to effectively remove impurities while maintaining hydration for all skin types.

Also avoid these eight harmful substances according to the EWGas well as drying ingredients, even if you have rather oily skin. These can cause your sebaceous glands to increase their production of sebum to compensate for the loss.

Beauty tip for sensitive skin

Have you ever thought of replacing your cleanser with a cleansing oil? PHYTO-CLEANSE oil-in-milk is formulated with sweet laminaria extract with softening properties, castor oil which preserves natural hydration and bladderwrack extract, an algae which restores suppleness. Both a cleanser and a make-up remover, it works miracles on fragile skin.

2. Cleanse your face twice a day

An ideal skincare routine includes a cleanse in the morning and a second in the evening. Do you ever run out of time after pressing snooze one too many times? At least make sure you never go to bed without cleaning your face, as it is especially during the night that the protective barrier of the skin repairs and regenerates!

And if you do physical activity during the day, remember to put your cleanser stick in your gym bag to dislodge impurities and sweat from your face as soon as possible after training.

3. Take it easy

There is no point in rubbing too vigorously or for a long time! To properly cleanse the face, simply make circular movements with your fingertips, using delicacy, especially around the eyes.

4. Rinse your face with lukewarm water

Although it can provide a comforting sensation, hot water dries out the fragile skin of the face. So what if you like to take hot showers? Save your facial care ritual for after the shower! It also removes any products – shampoo and conditioner, for example – that may have accumulated on your face.

5. Exfoliate and purify your face regularly

Give your facial skin an extra boost by ridding it of accumulated oil and dead skin cells without drying it out. Up to twice a week, use a gentle exfoliant made with bamboo powder to refine the skin and brighten the complexion.

For an even more stunning result, also apply a purifying blue clay mask. This naturally derived super ingredient is renowned for its ability to effectively cleanse the face and boost radiance.

6. Hydrate and nourish your face quickly

When you cleanse, exfoliate and purify your skin, your pores are dilated and freed of impurities that can clog them. Now is the best time to give your skin all the nutrients it needs! Apply your moisturizers and nourishers immediately after cleansing to promote the absorption of your product ingredients!

A healthy glow for you and for the planet

Like all the products in the Oceanly™ range , the new PHYTO-CLEANSE cleansing treatments are formulated with phenomenal ingredients of natural origin that help the skin regain its natural radiance.

There’s kelp extract which revitalizes the skin, sweet kelp extract with softening properties, and peptides and glycerin to replenish the natural moisture barrier. Derived from plants, these ingredients are healthy and safe according to the EWG. Even sensitive skin can enjoy their benefits!

And the best part is that Oceanly™ facials come in fully biodegradable cardboard tubes to reduce plastic pollution and the ecological footprint of your skincare routine!

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